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CCSD #1 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Cover and Index

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Overview of Master Plan Achievements
     1.2.1 Immediate Collection System Service Needs
     1.2.2 Physical Condition of Collection System
     1.2.3 Capacity Deficiencies and Limitations
     1.2.4 Accommodating Future Growth Cost-Effectivel
     1.2.5 Implementation of Asset Management Framework
1.3 Coordination with Other Sanitary Sewer Service Plans
1.4 Intended Readers
1.5 Organization of this Master Plan

Development of Asset Management Framework
2.1 Development of Risk-Based Asset Management Framework
2.2 Recommendations
2.3 Existing System Characterization
2.4 Data Development Needs

3.1 Pump Station Condition Assessment

4.1 Wastewater Flows

Basis of Planning

5.1 Regulatory Requirements
5.2 Level of Service Criteria

Collection System Modeling
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Hydraulic Model
6.3 Calibration
6.4 Model Results
     6.4.1 Existing System
     6.4.2 Future System
     6.4.3 Pump Stations
6.5 Hoodland Wastewater Collection System Modeling

Development and Evaluation of Capacity Improvements
7.1 Development and Evaluation of Alternatives
7.2 Clackamas Interceptor Improvement Alternatives
7.3 Recommended Improvements and Potential Clackamas Interceptor Alternative
7.4 Rock Creek Satellite Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Alternatives

Capital Improvement Program Prioritization
8.1 Prioritization Criteria
8.2 Evaluation Tools
8.3 Example Prioritization of Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Projects
8.4 Integration of Prioritization in Planning Processes

A Technical Memorandum 3.1, Basis of Flow Generation
B Technical Memorandum 3.2, Collection System Modeling

C Technical Memorandum 3.3, Hoodland Collection System Modeling

D Technical Memorandum 4.1, Existing and Future Wastewater System Limitations and Proposed Improvements

E Technical Memorandum 5.1, Pipeline and Pump Station Condition Improvement Evaluation

F Technical Memorandum 5.2, Pump Station Condition Assessment

G Technical Memorandum 6.1, Capital Improvement Program Prioritization

H Technical Memorandum 7.1, Rock Creek Satellite Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Table Reference

5-1 Asset Management Level of Service Categories and Targets
5-2 Collection System Capacity Deficiency Criteria based on 5-Year, 24-Hour Design Storm
7-1 Outline of Clackamas Interceptor Alternatives
7-2 Recommended Basin Improvement Project and Potential Clackamas Interceptor Alternative Cost Estimates
8-1 Evaluation Criteria

Figure Reference
2-1 Summary of CCSD #1 Collection System Pipelines by Diameter
2-2 Summary of Inventoried CCSD #1 Collection System Pipelines by Type of Construction Material
2-3 Summary of CCSD #1 Collection System Pipeline by Construction Year
3-1 Comparison of Pump Station Risk Scores
6-1 General Area Modeled System
6-2 Capacity Deficiency Modeling Results for Buildout Conditions
7-1 Recommended Improvement Projects and Potential Clackamas Interceptor Alternative
8-1 Contributions by Criteria