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Sanitary and Stormwater Forms and Documents

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Below is a list of the various forms and documents the District utilizes for Sanitary Sewer and Stormwater Plan Review, Construction, Acceptance, Sensitive Area and Easements.  The forms below are available in PDF file format.  If you have questions please contact Don Kemp at  , or call his office at 503-742-4577.

CCSD#1 Sanitary Forms

          Below are links to the Sanitary Forms in pdf file format.

Sanitary - Plan Review Forms:

CAD Standards
Construction Notes
Manhole Callout
Cost Estimate
Engineering Agreement
Plat Notes

Sanitary - Construction Forms:

Sewer Extension Permit
Service Connection Drawing
Low Air Pressure Testing
Manhole Vacuum Testing
Certification of Completion
Tap in Fact Sheet

Sanitary - Acceptance Forms:

Cost Data Sheet
Warranty Bond
Performance Bond

Sanitary - Misc. Forms:

Non-Residential Questionnaire
Sanitary Sewer and Surface Water Easement

CCSD#1 Stormwater Forms

          Below are links to the Stormwater Forms in pdf file format.

Stormwater - Plan Review Forms:

Construction Notes
Cost Data Estimate
Engineering Agreement
Infiltration Testing Table
Plat Notes

Stormwater - Sensitive Area Forms:

Sensitive Area Assessment
Sensitive Area Certification
Vegetated Buffer Variance
Conservation Easement

Stormwater – Construction Forms:

Certification of Completion

Stormwater - Completion Forms:

Cost Data Sheet
Warranty / Surety Bond
Performance Bond
Assignment Agreement
Cash Acknowledgement
Irrevocable Letter of Credit

Stormwater - Misc. Forms:

Non-Residential Questionnaire
Sanitary Sewer and Surface Water Easement
Surface Water Easement
Private Surface Water Easement
Private Stormwater Facilities Maintenance Plan
Public Maintenance Agreement
Public Maintenance Agreement (Happy Valley)
Stormwater CC&R’s Recommendations